Shizuoka University


Shizuoka University Department of Mechanical Engineering
Johoku, Hamamatsu 432-8561 Japan
TEL: +81-53-478-1069
FAX: +81-53-478-1069
e-mail :


Campus Map

Kawata   R401
Students  R412

1 Administration Office

2 University Library

3 Information processing Center

4 Faculty of Information

5 Faculty of Engineering

6 Graduate School of

Electronic Science and Technology

7 Research Institute of Electronics

8 Students Hall

9 Sanaru Hall

10 Takayanagi Memorial Hall

11 Satellite Venture Business Laboratory

12 Business Incubation Center

13 Japanese Language Classroom (2F)


From the North Exit of Hamamatsu Station, take a bus from bus stop No.15 or 16.
(approximately 20 minites' ride)
Note:All buses go to Shizuoka University except "Fumioka Mawari"